Boat Ramp Extensions Expected Soon

Work is expected to begin on extending landlocked boat ramps as soon as the water level on Lake Cumberland drops to 680 feet above sea level.

Corps Facilities Manager for Lake Cumberland, Bernie Kearns said work had to be put on hold for a while because of recent heavy rains. The lake level was at 685.86 feet as of midnight on Thursday, March 12, 2007.

Kearns told small business operators recently that contracts have been awarded to extend boat ramps at Alligator #2, Conley Bottom, Fall Creek, Jamestown Marina, Waitsboro, Lees Ford and Grider Hill. The Corps is also getting contracts in place to extend ramps at three other facilities, which include Beaver Creek Marina, Cumberland Point and Possibly Alligator #1.

The ramp at Halcomb’s Landing will be extended by the construction division in conjunction with a $309 million rehabilitation project at Wolf Creek Dam. The work does not include county or state-maintained boat ramps.