Miller Calls Kentucky's Lack of Universal Health Care a Moral Outrage

Kentucky State Treasurer, Jonathan Miller, said as governor he would bring universal health care to the Commonwealth.

According to Miller, half-a-million families in Kentucky are un-insured, and more than 100,000 Kentucky children do not have health insurance. This governor's candidate calls this a moral outrage, and describes how he would fix it in his first term as governor.

"I would expand children's health care, expand the K-Chip program and bring more affordable prescription drugs to our seniors. We're also gonna need to cut expenses, cut waste," Miller said.

Miller also said he'll promote clean fuels made in Kentucky, instead of depending on depleting oil resources. He will also end closed-door meetings to bring more openness to state government.

Miller and Irv Maze are one of seven teams running for the Democratic governor's nomination.