KY's Do Not Call List Most Effective in Nation

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Kentucky's Attorney General's Office announced Thursday that the state's Do Not Call registry registered the least percentage of complaints in the nation during 2003. The .02 percent rate of complaints reflects the AG's early and consistent efforts to prosecute telemarketers who violated the law.

Scott Sutherland, the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Do Not Call registry says the state has filed more than 100 enforcement actions since the registry began in 2002. Sutherland says most of the complaints and enforcement actions have been filed against out-of-state businesses.

Telemarketing-friendly businesses like security system installers are rethinking their sales plan, or going out of business. Frank Hanson of AAA Security Systems says he has never used telemarketing, and instead relies on word-of-mouth advertising and door-to-door sales.

Hanson says several security businesses in Bowling Green are going out of business because they relied so heavily on telemarketing.