Preschool Spanish Club at Depot Branch of the Bowling Green Public Library

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You don't have to go very far to feel like you're in another country. A Bowling Green teacher is bringing Spanish to the smallest members of our community.

WBKO's Fida Georges has more on a preschool Spanish club that started with five kids two years ago and now has grown to more than 30 members.

It's not everyday you walk into a public library and hear, "Hola nina."

Mexican native and Spanish preschool teacher Angelina Miller feels sharing her culture and language with children is a way to enrich their lives.

"I use to do regular story time and once in a while say something in Spanish. I saw how the children love that and what better way to teach than with sounds and stories just like that," Miller said.

This strategy is what keeps Elizabeth Woodrum's 4-year-old, Mattie, coming back to this class.

"We'll be driving down the road and she'll say 'cafe' so its really nice," Woodrum said. "She loves it. The teacher is patient, energetic and something to look forward to each week."

Miller's husband is American, but her children are fluent in both English and Spanish. She said this has opened a world of opportunities to them.

"The community in the world is so big that it is important for them to speak another language," Miller said.

Miller really wants to give children like Mattie another skill to build onto their education.

"I hope this is a stepping stone for her to speaking fluently," Woodrum said.

"My goal is by the time they go to school is to know not just words but sentences," Miller said.

As the Hispanic population grows in South Central Kentucky so does the interest to learn it. The classes are offered once a week and are free.

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