Warren County Wildfire Threatens Trailer Park

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"We were in that house cleaning it out and we noticed smoke coming down the hill there and we walked up in there and saw our woods on fire," recalled Jesse Miller, manager of the Happy Valley Trailer Park.

The brush fire damaged many acres of land and took firefighters nearly four hours to contain.

"At first we thought it was five acres but once everything was said and done we're looking at 25 or 30 acres," said Captain Casey Campbell of the Richardsville Fire Department.

Many members of the Happy Valley Trailer Park felt the threatening flames of the fire.

"I was concerned because I have kids and a 2-year-old and I didn't want their home to burn down," trailer park resident, Margie Rigsby said.

According to the Campbell, the fire was man-made.

Perri-Ann Mercer of Apple Valley Road declined to comment on-air but she told WBKO that she was in fact burning leaves and twigs when the wind caught the flame and sent a brush fire into the woods. Mercer also said she was unaware of Kentucky's burn law.

"A fire law is in effect right now that you're not supposed to burn within 150 feet of a brush line. Also you can only burn after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m," Campbell said.

Campbell added that when a blaze breaks out in wooded areas it can be difficult to get fire equipment to the scene.

"When someone burns within a brush line and it gets into the woods, the trucks aren't able to come into the woods. So we have to stop the tankers and engines at the road not back where the fire's at."

The Kentucky Division of Forestry said the second leading cause of wildfires is uncontrolled debris burns. The Forestry Division also noted that their are close to 1,500 wildland fires a year in Kentucky.

The burn law runs twice each year during the spring and fall. We are currently under a burn ban that began in early February and will end on April 30, 2007. Those who violate the law can be fined or imprisoned.

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