Jewish Reaction to "Passions of the Christ"

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The movie that has so many Christians rushing to see it also has a great deal of members in the Jewish community upset. Some Jewish groups and the anti-defamation league fear the movie could inflame anti-Semitism.

But Steve Small is Jewish and he disagrees, "My mom and dad are survivors of the war, both German Jews. They came over and I learned a lot growing up. I saw the movie "Schindler's List"; I don't hate Germans. If you have a hatred for Jewish people, this movie will probably stimulate you more to continue that. If you don't know anything about Jews, well maybe you'll learn a little bit more. If you like Jewish people, I don't think it's going to stop you from liking Jewish people.”

The film depicts the Jewish people crucifying Jesus Christ, and during this Lent season many Jewish groups around the country are concerned about the film-going public's reaction.