HIV and Undergrads

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Experts say they've made a lot of progress in educating the public about HIV and AIDS, but say there's still one segment of the population that doesn't seem to be getting the message.

CDC statistics show that while the number of new AIDS cases diagnosed each year overall is on the decline, the rate of new HIV infections in our young people each year has not decreased at all.

Experts worry that people think it's no longer a big deal to get HIV.

"There's still a myth out there that it's not a big deal if you have it. You just have to take these pills," says WKU assistant professor of public health Dr. Lisa Lindley.

"It's a lot of medication first of all. There are some serious side effects. And most people can't stay on the medication for more than 10 years."

Lindley wants to remind college students that AIDS is still a very devastating disease and there is still no cure for it. If you're sexually active, she recommends you get yourself tested for HIV at student health services or the Barren River District Health Department.