Crime Stoppers: Stolen Auto Parts

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It's not what's in your car but under it that thieves are now after. Catalytic converters are now the item of choice for thieves because they want the platinum inside. It goes for $1200-$1300 an ounce.

Over the past few weeks, Crime Stoppers has reported brazen thefts like copper wiring stolen from construction sites, heating and air conditioning units, aluminum gutters,and siding.

Bowling Green Police are now investigating a number of catalytic converter thefts from under vehicles all across town. Twelve converters were stolen just last week.

The cost of replacing them ranges from a few hundred to more than $1,000, depending on the vehicle.

If you have any information about these thefts, please call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE, or click here to go to their Web site. You could get up to $1,000 for your anonymous tip.