New Academy In Barren County

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Some Barren County students are actually excited about the next school year. That's because the Barren County Trojan Academy will officially open.

The Trojan Academy is an $11 million facility built to assist 8th graders with the sometimes difficult transition from middle school to high school.

"It's still a part of the high school but these kids are going to be able to walk into this building and create their own culture," said Keith Hale, Barren County High School's principal.

The Trojan Academy is new school that's designed for 9th graders only and Principal Hale said it's the best of both worlds.

"We're still the same group of kids that I've been with for the past two years. We get to stay together as a group but yet we're getting the experience of the high school," said Cameron Lile, a Barren County Middle School eighth grader.

"In that last block of the day students will get to come from the Trojan Academy to the high school," Principal Hale said.

Principal Hale said the Trojan Academy is easily accessible for all Barren County students.

They can walk in the Middle School, out the High School and never step foot outside.

Studies show throughout the U.S., freshman have always had trouble making the transition to high school and its affecting their performance.

"They get graded different at the middle school and elementary schools, the first time they've ever seen credits, the first time they've had some freedom as far as picking classes," Principal Hale said.

Any eighth grader can't wait for the official title of high schooler. That's why Lile was disappointed to hear she had to wait but after learning more about the Trojan Academy she feels different.

"The classes are going to be smaller, we're going to have outdoor science labs, a huge technology lab and my friends are really excited that's going to be our own thing and it's not going to be we're going to have to share with everybody else at the high school," Lile said.

The Trojan Academy is expected to be completed this summer and will open this fall, in time for the first day of school.

To view the press release concerning the Trojan Academy, click here.