Trial Date Set for Goodrum & Soules

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Newly-assigned Special Judge Tom Castlen set tentative trial dates for the two men accused of raping and murdering WKU freshman Katie Autry in her dorm room last May.

Stephen Soules' trial will begin with jury selection on July 30, while Lucas Goodrum's trial will begin on January 7, 2005. Soules' trial date will depend on whether or not his public defender can resolve a scheduling conflict with another case. If not, his trial will be moved to Goodrum's date in January, and Goodrum would be tried 60-90 days later.

Prosecutors have elected to try Soules first, presumably to allow them to use his statements to investigators implicating Goodrum. Goodrum's attorney, David Broderick, says he respects the Commonwealth's right to try cases in the order they choose, but says his client's right to a speedy trial should be paramount. Broderick says he will ask Judge Castlen to allow Goodrum's case to be tried in August if Soules' case is delayed.