Midday Live News Report, March 15, 2007

Registered Sex Offender Arrested

A registered sex offender is arrested after reportedly following a school bus in Barren County.

The Barren County Sheriff's Department arrested Norman Taylor of Glasgow, Ky., on March 14, 2007. The sheriff's department said Taylor was taunting and making jesters toward students riding a school bus. The bus driver said Taylor had been following the bus for several miles.

The driver also said this wasn't the first time Taylor's vehicle had been seen following the bus. Officials said Taylor was attending a sex offender class in Bowling Green, Ky., earlier before his arrest for his previous offense.

Edmonson County Rape Trial

A Tennessee man's rape trial is underway in Edmonson County.

The trial of 63-year-old Earl Vincent Junior began in Edmonson Circuit Court. Vincent was indicted by an Edmonson County grand jury in 2005. He's charged with multiple counts of first degree rape, first degree sodomy, Incest and sexual abuse.

Vincent is accused of committing these acts against three family members between 1973 and 1998. He was living in Ripley, Tenn., when he was arrested.

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Terrorists Confesses

One of the most notorious terrorists captured since Sept. 11 confesses to involvement in dozens of deadly attacks around the globe and assassination attempts on at least three world leaders.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During a tribunal there last week the Pentagon said he made a series of stunning admissions including the ultimate planning of Sept. 11.

Democrats Iraq Bill

House Democrats are confident they'll be able to pass a bill aimed at ending the Iraq war.

The House Appropriations Committee plans to vote today on a $124 billion spending bill that includes more than $95 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it also contains language calling for the withdrawal of troops before September 2008.

It's the first major test of unity among Democrats since they took control of Congress in January. Party members agree the war should end, but have been deeply divided over how far to go to force President Bush's hand.

The measure is expected to pass the committee narrowly, paving the way for a floor vote next week.

More Beech Bend Controversy

Beech Bend Park is scheduled to have its first major race this weekend, but that isn't stopping property owner Matt Baker from filing another lawsuit against the park.

Baker's suit claims that the double-laned entrance road known as Beech Bend Park Road is owned by Beech Bend Park and is not a county road. He said that means the county is not allowed to expand the entrance road, which would encroach on his property.

"Any widening of the lane coming out of the park would require them to come over past the 31-point-5 foot strip of land mister Jones deeded to himself in 1988," Baker said.

WBKO spoke to both County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanan and the property's former owner David Garvin. Both said the road was dedicated to the county back in 1984 when Jones first bought the land.

Newman Way Controversy

A group fighting to preserve a piece of property in Bowling Green, Ky., offers to buy the land from a Lexington, Ky., developer.

Friends of Nashville Road Association hope an offer to buy the property on the corner of Newman Way and Nashville Road will settle the dispute.

The property is owned by Robert Williams of Lexington. He wants to subdivide the land into four lots. Friends of Nashville Road Association feel the development would negatively affect the look of their road leading into Bowling Green.

William's attorney, David Broderick, said he has received the offer. He also said they were given less than 48 hours to respond, which is not adequate time. The issue is on the agenda for the March 15, 2007, Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Smoking Ban

Talk of whether Bowling Green, Ky., will become the next smoke-free city in Kentucky is heating up.

Last week, the chamber of commerce sent a smoking poll to its business partners for feedback on the issue. The chamber's poll has already ended but results aren't available yet.

Now, one Bowling Green resident Mike Wilson is taking matters into his own hands. He put together a petition with more than 700 signatures opposing the smoking ban. Wilson plans to make a presentation to Bowling Green's City Commission March 20, 2007.

Tompkinsville Airport

The Tompkinsville Monroe County Airport receives a little more than half-a-million-dollars for improvement projects. The investment is part of $27 million given to statewide general aviation projects in the last six months.

Governor Ernie Fletcher said airports are important tools for economic development in Kentucky considering the industry is expected to grow significantly in the next decade.

Other counties receiving money for their airports include Hancock, Crittenden, Rowan and Nelson counties. The improvement projects are a collaborative effort among Fletcher, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Federal Aviation Administration and local governments.

Sleeping Pills

More than 35 million prescriptions were written for sleeping pills in 2005. That's a 55 percent increase in just four years

Now the government wants to put strong new warnings on the bottles because of some unexpected often strange side-effects.