Lake Cumberland Receives Emergency Alert Radios

Cavers and environmentalists say dropping the water level in Lake Cumberland to repair Wolf Creek Dam may have serious effects on the entire ecosystem.

Several organisms including bats, salamanders, fish and crayfish live along the 26-mile cave system near the lake.

Environmentalist Mary Zriny said she is already seeing problems in the area. She said the crayfish are becoming stranded and dying as a result of dried pools of water.

Meanwhile, Governor Fletcher has announced the distribution times for emergency alert radios. These radios are being provided to residents below Wolf Creek Dam.

Residents in Clinton, Cumberland, Monroe and Russell Counties will receive cards via mail, providing distribution information.

Cumberland County
Veterans Memorial Community Center
March 24th

Russell County
Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency
March 27th

Clinton County
Clinton Senior Center
March 28th

Monroe County
Old Monroe County High School Gym
March 29th