Lost River Quadruplets

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If you visit Lost River Elementary you may think you are seeing double, that’s because you are. Lost River has thirteen sets of twins and one set of quadruplets.

Meet Joseph, Gabriella, Miguel and Leandro they are the Menhevar quadruplets. Now meet the woman behind these four beautiful children, their mother Vanessa.

“They remind me everyday why I am here,” Vanessa said.

The quadruplets were born in August of 2001.Vanessa said she could have never imagine this wonderful experience being so great.

“It’s actual been better because you see the things on T.V. on how hard it is and it’s hard but you know it’s been like I said, I was blessed with great kids,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa also said if her children were not so self-sufficient, things could be a lot more challenging.

“They help me whole lot so it’s not been as bad as people would actually think,” Vanessa said.

She said her job as a mother of four kindergartners can definitely be compared to one of a factory.

“It’s kinda like a little assembly line, everybody gets on their shoes and coats and then they help me with him,” Vanessa said, [him] being Leandro who was the last born and has cerebral palsy, who Vanessa said is just as loving as the other three.

“Everyday when I wake up and look at them and they smile at me and tell me good morning and that they love me,” Vanessa said.

She also said there is really not much more you could ask for in life.

“I know maybe it would have been easier with one child but I am thankful everyday that I have all four of them,” Vanessa said.

She said she could not imagine life with only one.

“Having four to love all at one time instead of one, you know it’s been more of a blessing then a challenge,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa also said she has been blessed with her four children and if they weren’t as independent and good natured she is positive her challenge of raising them would be a lot bigger.

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