Fourth Anniversary of Iraq War

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On the heels of the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said we must stay the course.

"I think Saddam Hussein was a serious problem. It was Bill Clinton who said sooner or later we're gonna have to take care of this problem. He never did and I think the removal of Saddam was important," Senator Mitch McConnell said.

McConnell thinks although many Americans oppose the war, Kentuckians are grateful for the homeland support.

As of last week a CNN poll says 59 percent of the American population opposes sending more troops to Iraq.

Despite the controversy of the war two soldiers we spoke to say they'd fight again.

"I'd rather risk myself over there, instead of my family over here," said Specialist Ricky Dalton, a Kentucky Army National Guardsman. Specialist Dalton doesn't' t want to necessarily go back, but wants to protect his country.

"You go through training, prepare you care about your country and family and you do what it takes," Specialist Dalton explained.

When the war broke out Dalton was working in a grocery store. If you would have asked him at the time he didn't think four years later the country would still be at war.

"I thought it would be something like the gulf war, something short," Specialist Dalton said, but the Iraq war is on it's fourth year and some reports say it could go on for four more.

That would be nearly as long as the ten year Vietnam conflict giving many people reason to compare the two.

"Other than the similarity of the insurgents being able to slip back into the population. That's the only comparison,"said Sergeant Mike Graf, a Vietnam War Veteran.

Sergeant Graf said the wars are different. For example, Graf said despite American opposition to keeping troops in Iraq, they're welcomed home like heroes.

"Everyone I've talked to even if they oppose the war are all in favor of young men," Sergeant Graf said, but Specialist Dalton said his friends that were in Vietnam didn't get the same treatment.

Although two very different soldiers fought two different wars they agree on one thing remaining in Iraq.

"If we don't fight them over there, we fight them over here," Specialist Dalton said.

President Bush is in agreeing with the soldiers in this story as he's quoted saying, "success in Iraq will take months, not days or weeks."

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