Rising Interest in ROTC

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For many in today's economy, finding a secure job or having enough money to go to school can be a major issue.

We found out more on a group of students who aren't worried about either problem.

For ROTC students at Western Kentucky University, school is paid for and a future job is secure, which means interest in ROTC has grown.

"Growing up I always wanted to be in the military, but I wanted to go to college first and get my education," said Edward Brown, WKU Senior.

In order to do that, many students find ROTC is the answer.

"Kind of two birds, one stone," said Cody Lachappelle, WKU Senior. "I got to finish my school and I get to serve my country."

The desire to serve while getting an education is only one of the many reasons interest in ROTC is up.

"If you look at the numbers over the last years, we've seen a constant increase," said Joe Huggins, Captain. "We've made our numbers the last three years at Western Kentucky, our mission numbers, and contracted as well as commissioned the proper number of cadets."

For many financial reasons come into play, especially during economic hard times.

"Just like hard times right now, my parents didn't have a lot of money, so I thought it would be a good experience and get my college paid for," said Crystal Morrison, WKU Senior.

"It's a real big plus," said Brown. "We don't exactly have a lot of money, so it was great for them. They're very proud and, of course, a patriotic family."

"There's nothing greater than going to school and saying you get a paycheck instead of having to have loans to repay after you graduate," said Jesse Dejaynes, WKU Senior.

For some, future job security may be an issue, but these four senior Cadets say they just received word about the next step they get to take.

"I got the branch of medical services, which is what I want," said Morrison. "Then hopefully in the future I plan on going to physical therapy school."

"I found out that I'm doing medical services, and I'm going to be an Admin Officer," said Dejaynes.

"I found out today that I'm going to be an Infantry Officer," said Brown.

"I'm a nurse, so I'm going into nursing corps," said Lachappelle.

They say they are lucky to have jobs waiting.

"Not having to worry about applying for a job and going to interviews," said Dejaynes. "It's a good feeling."

For more information on WKU's ROTC program, contact their office at (270) 745-6054 or click here.

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