New Plano Elementary Will Relieve Overcrowding

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The Warren County School District is growing, with at least 200 new students walking through the doors each year. To accommodate the inflow the district is building new schools.

The new Plano Elementary is currently under construction. It's being built to ease overcrowding at Rich Pond and Cumberland Trace.

"With the rapid growth we have in Warren County over the past seven to eight years we've experienced growth of 250 students minimum each year. Based up that's the rate of a new elementary school every three years," Superintendent Dale Brown said.

Plano Elementary is scheduled to open in the fall.

The overcrowding at Rich Pond Elementary will be eased by this new school.

The school is so crowded the students attend some of their classes in annex buildings.

"It's just we've had to move outside the building for classrooms," principal, Shawn Holland said.

It began with one outer building several years ago. Since then the school has added another unit every other year. There are now four units, housing eight classrooms.

"All you have to do is drive around the southern end of the county and you can quickly see the rapid growth and expansion of the housing developments," Holland said.

Rich Pond is built for about 700 students. There are currently 840 kids from preschool to sixth grade who attend the school.

When the new Plano Elementary is built Holland hopes the majority of the students will be moved back inside that building, but there still might be a need for the outer buildings.

"Within the next three to five years our numbers will be right back to where they are right now," Holland said.

"I have an estimate that we will lose around 225 students. There may be a few more or a few less that actually go," Holland said.

Holland also said the students to teacher ratio is around the same as the other schools in the district because additional staff and supervisory duties have been added to accommodate the children.

However, there is normally a line for the restrooms and in the cafeteria.

After Plano Elementary is finished, the Warren County School District is looking at the possibility of adding another elementary school.

Superintendent Brown is hoping the redistricting for Plano Elementary is complete by the April board meeting. He then plans to have hearings at both Rich Pond and Cumberland Trace by the end of April or first of May.