Suspect in Baby Disappearance

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24-year-old Tanya Shelton, of Lexington, is in th Lincoln County Jail facing kidnapping charges. But early Friday morning she was in Franklin, reconsidering her plans to keep heading south to New Orleans.

Police say Tanya Shelton is denying all involvement in the disappearance of Grayci Barrows, depite a call made to Franklin Police this morning.

Officer Justin Toth, Franklin Police Department, says, "We received a call this morning, I think it was about 6:30 this morning that there was a female at the Pilot truck stop at Exit 6 that she just wanted to speak to an officer."

Shelton had traveled 150 miles from Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford to and exit off I-65 in Franklin.

Toth, "We responded out there. On our way out there we got the Amber Alert about the 1-day old child and at that time the female stated that she was involved in this."

She was taken into police custody at this Pilot gas station. Franklin Police tell WBKO she requested and was immediately provided with a defense attorney.

Toth says, "She did not say she had the child, but she was afraid she was being accused of having the child."

Police searched the grounds at the truck stop and along the Interstate but didn't see any signs of a baby. Franklin Police are charging Shelton with two Class D felonies for having stolen prescription pads from the Fort Logan Hospital.

Authorities say Shelton was not forthcoming about the whereabouts of the baby when she was questioned by FBI and police. After being released on bond in Franklin Shelton was arrested by Stanford Police on a kidnapping warrant.