Child Attacked by Dog

In Barren County, a young boy was attacked by a German Shepherd in front of his sister's daycare.

Seven-year-old Jonathan Greer is one of the liveliest little boys you'll ever meet, but after more than 80 stitches, that personality has been put to the test.

Jonathan was outside a home daycare in Barren County. He and his mom were there to pick up his little sister. In a flash the unthinkable happened. A full-grown German Shepherd lunged at him and mauled his face.

Katrina Lowe, Jonathan's mom, says Jonathan was petting the dog, the dog was wagging its tail, and all of a sudden, he attacked Jonathan. She says even the dog's owner and daycare provider couldn't believe the dog attacked.

Now, Jonathan's family wonders what will happen to the daycare and to the dog. When a stray dog bites someone, it's usually taken to the Barren County Animal Shelter for observation and quarantine, but since this dog was not a stray, quarantine and observation are left up to the owner.

The Health Department says it has spoken to the dog's owner, and the animal is current on all his vaccinations. But this mother says more action should be taken.

In spite of it all, Jonathan still loves animals.

Jonathan's mom says the daycare owner is a good person, and they really liked her daycare; they just can't take a chance like this again.

The daycare owner declined an on-camera interview, but told us over the phone that this was an unfortunate accident.

Jonathan's mother says the daycare owner has called her to express concern over the child's condition.