Pet Food Contamination Causes Many Pet Deaths

The dangers of the nationwide recall of tainted pet food have not ended. Reports of poisoned pets are rising. The Food and Drug Administration confirms 13 cats and one dog have been killed by the contaminated products.

“To watch the way this cat died was horrible. I mean horrible,” said Dawn Majerczyk, who’s cat died from the contaminated food.

Majerczyk is angry. Two days after her orange tabby, Phoenix ate a single serving of Special Kitty, his kidneys began to fail. In less than a week he was dead. Now Majerczyk is suing Menu Foods.

“They never ever gave anyone a warning. Never did nothing to let us know,” Majerczyk said.

Menu Foods did recall 95 different cat and dog food brands, but not until last Friday, March 16, 2007, two weeks after nine cats died in the company’s own routine taste tests and a dramatic rise of reports of animals apparently poisoned by the food.

“She started vomiting. She started becoming more lethargic,” said Lisa Fluty, who’s dog died due to the recalled products.

Fluty’s once spunky Pomeranian is now dead and across the country vets are being overwhelmed with calls, from New York City to this small clinic in California.

“Here we are in Turlock, Calif., three cases in this hospital,” veterinarian, Dr. Rob Santos said.

Most of the 60 million cans and pouches of recalled food appear to have been manufactured at this Kansas plant. The FDA is still looking for the source of the contamination. The company thinks it’s the wheat gluten which is used as a filler. They say the problem started after they switched to a new supplier.

As for Dawn Majerszcy’s lawsuit: “I think they were liable for all of this.”

Menu Foods isn’t commenting and the FDA had never inspected the company’s Kansas plant before the recall. Usually the agency is only concerned with risk to humans, not their best friends.