Midday Live News Report - March 22, 2007

Mickey Mosher Charged with Murder

The case of an Indiana woman accused of killing two prominent Bowling Green business men will go to trial. This after the Commonwealth and the defense failed to reach a settlement.

Mickey Mosher appeared in court today, Thursday, March 22, 2007, in Logan County. She’s charged with the murder of Cornelius Martin and Brooks Mitchell.

The men were riding their motorcycles in Logan County in June of 2006, when police say Mosher crossed the center line while driving under the influence of drugs.

Today was the last day to reach a settlement before the April 9, 2007 trial. The attorney’s are now required to provide any witnesses and expert testimony by March 26, 2007, which is next Monday.

John Edwards Off Campaign Trail

The Democratic presidential hopeful, John Edwards is off the campaign trail this afternoon and by his wife’s side. The two are talking about the health of Elizabeth Edwards today, Thursday, March 22, 2007.

Mrs. Edwards is a breast cancer survivor. A visit to her doctors yesterday apparently resulted in disturbing news.

We’ll have the latest coming up tonight at five.

New Details in Baby John Doe Case

New details emerge as to how an abandoned baby was found on a Franklin doorstep. Baby John Doe was found by a Hispanic family at a vacant duplex apartment last month.

The Simpson County Sheriff’s Department said two children who live in the adjoining apartment, found the baby and told their parents.

Police first thought the baby was found in a shoe box wrapped in plastic grocery bags and baby blankets but WBKO has learned the baby was actually found in different conditions.

“We now know the baby, when it was found, it was wrapped in plastic bags and three plastic bags and one of those bags was over his head,” said Capt. Mike Rigg, with the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department.

Captain Rigg said the family took the baby inside, used their own baby blankets and placed the baby in a shoebox for protection.

Captain Rigg said a language barrier is to blame for the miscommunication.

Since it is now believed the baby is of a mixed white and Hispanic ethnicity, the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department will begin working with immigration customs enforcement today, Thursday, March 22, 2007, on this case.

Primarily because of linguistics and their familiarity with migrant worker groups, Capt. Rigg also said it is likely the abandoners knew the family that lives where the baby was found but the family claims to not know who left the baby.

Baby John Doe remains in good condition and is still in Foster care.

Ali Carter Investigation Complete

The fatal collision between a Bowling Green Police Officer and a Western Kentucky University student was the result of the student not stopping at a stop sign.

Kentucky State Police released its findings yesterday, Wednesday, March 21, 2007, for the April 2006 accident between Officer David Hall and WKU student, Allison Carter.

The report said Officer Hall was traveling northbound on Kentucky Street at 47 miles per hour and Carter was traveling westbound on 13th Street at nine-miles-per-hour when she failed to stop at the stop sign.

Hall was responding to a hit and run collision in an attempt to locate the fleeing vehicle. He did not have his lights on, but he did have the right of way.

The Bowling Green Police Department’s policy said lights and sirens should only be activated during the highest level calls.
The posted speed limit on Kentucky Street is 35-miles-per-hour. Officer Hall was going 47-miles-per-hour. In court documents, Bowling Green Police Major Clark Arnold said officers responding to this level call are not supposed to speed. This means Officer Hall was in violation of the police department’s policy.

Both the Carter’s family attorney and the Bowling Green Police Department said they can’t comment due to pending litigation. Carter’s family is suing the city and Officer Hall.

Muhlenberg Accidental Fire Claims One Life

State police say a fire that claimed the life of a Muhlenberg County man was an accident.

Thirty-one-year-old Chad Ebling died Tuesday night, March 20, 2007, when the trailer he was in caught fire. The trailer was on Kentucky 171 near Greenville, Ky.

The Muhlenberg County Coroner said Ebling died of smoke inhalation.

Congressional Standoff Over Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys

In Washington today, Thursday, March 22, 2007, the Senate is lining up behind the House in the congressional standoff with the White House.

At issue is whether top aides to President Bush will testify about the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys and if so, under what conditions.

With the Senate Judiciary Committee voting this morning to authorize subpoenas of White House officials, the constitutional power struggle between Congress and the president intensifies.

“The White House isn’t budging from its position,” Senator Charles Schumer said.

President Bush refuses to allow his top political advisor, Karl Rove and others to testify publicly under oath about the questionable firings of U.S. attorneys.

“This is what I love ... this Karl Rove obsession. What do you want? Karl Rove on TV or the truth,” said Tony Snow, White House Press Secretary, but Democrats point out that the White House won’t even allow a transcript of the private interviews.

“What we’re told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing! That to me is nothing,” said Senator Patrick Leahy, Judiciary Committee Chairman.

The authorization to subpoena in the Senate Committee follows the same action in the House yesterday, but it doesn’t mean subpoenas will be immediately issued. A deal could still be in the offering.

“My urging that we not move forward to have a confrontation with the president on this issue,” Senator Arlen Specter said.

Specter has offered a counter-proposal in an effort to avert a drawn-out constitutional crisis.