Non-Profit Presentations

Non-profit agencies that receive funding from Warren County will make presentations before the fiscal court tomorrow, Friday, March 23, 2007.

Soil Conservation, Cooperative Extension, Primary Care, The Human Rights Commission and the Capitol Arts Alliance will all discuss what they do for the community.

The agencies are concerned their funding will be cut since the county is facing a $3 million shortfall due to state and federally mandated, but unfunded projects.

Mike Thomas, the President and Executive Director of the Capitol Arts Alliance is preparing to present what a funding cut would mean for the non-profit organization.

"A cut to us I can tell you truthfully right now and knowing what I've experienced just looking at our budget for this year is devastating. It is going to mean a lack of services, programs, personnel," Thomas said.

The county owns the Capitol's building and leases it to the alliance for a dollar a year. It also receives funding from the fiscal court for upkeep on the building.

"It really helps us. What that does is to pay for the heat, pay for the cooling, pay for the repairs, the maintenance, and the upgrades so we can keep this place a safe, accessible, and affordable civic auditorium," Thomas said.

Warren County magistrate, Terry Young, says the people he's heard from want the county to tighten its belt to make up for a three million dollar shortfall.

"The public hearings that we held and my phone told me that a lot of people want to see some cuts," Young said.

Young said he met with the county's budget and revenue committee when it first discovered the budget shortfall.

"I recommended when I met with the committee that when I personally get in that kind of bind I try to work from both ends, work a little overtime, do a little extra, make a few cuts," Young said.

With that philosophy, Young said he's in favor of across the board cuts to all county departments and agencies it helps to fund.

"Because I'm afraid if we don't that we're going to get internal friction among county government," Young said

However, Thomas said any cut to the Capitol Arts Alliance will hurt the organization. He's hoping the meeting will open a good dialogue between the non-profits and the fiscal court.

Six other non-profits will make presentations before the fiscal court on March 30, 2007.

For a list of agencies receiving funding, click here.