Small Businesses Paying More at the Pump

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Paying more at the pump isn't just taking a toll on Cindy Lawrence's wallet; it's coming out of her register as well.

Lawrence, "It's definitely an expense, and added expense it's something that we don't pass on to our customers. It comes out of our profit."

Some weeks aren't as bad as others. Lawrence says, "It varies from day to day. Sometimes we may fill up at the gas pump twice a week. And sometimes especially during the holidays, it's a lot more than that. And it gets expensive. I mean if someone calls and there's a delivery to make, we're gonna make the delivery.

She says that filling up the tank on her delivery truck costs close to $40.

Lawrence says, "I don't really know if there's anything anyone can do. I mean you have to go to the gas pump, and you have to pay that price no matter what. You have not control over that."

And they want to keep the cost to their customers as low as they can.

Lawrence says, "The majority of our business is phone calls. So they can call us; they're not out any gas to come here."

But with a business that relies on delivering, she says there’s not much she can do.