Children First: Muhlenberg Music

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Some area students are learning about their county's history with hands-on lessons. A group of fourth and fifth graders are playing instruments, singing, dancing, writing, and acting, all to learn about their county's culture.

Music in Muhlenberg County is a big part of its history with some country star legends claiming Muhlenberg as their home. Fourth and fifth graders at Bremen Elementary are studying the music hands-on.

The Everly Brothers Foundation donated twelve guitars to the school. In the beginning of the year, students interviewed their grandparents and gathered the history of the county. Students then created a play based on that info.

Many students also wrote their own lyrics and sang the songs. They also learned how to dance and play the guitar or dulcimer. Students say they'll think about their county differently and how music is a part of their heritage. Music teacher, Larry Vaught, is hopeful students will be inspired to pursue a career in music.