Scottsville Road Construction Progress

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It's a six-year plan that highway department officials say is coming to an end. Scottsville Road construction is almost complete.

Greg Meredith, Chief Engineer Highway Department, says, "Well now we've gotten pretty much four out of the five sections complete. We're still working on one."

Construction on Scottsville Road is nearing completion. Meredith says, "The last section, they're working on it. They hope to be complete by the end of this year. Of course, weather plays a big part. If we have a wet summer it will delay progress."

Meredith says the surfacing, where the road is actually paved, is scheduled to be done in June.

"We've got the grade and drain portion finished which is basically moving dirt for the road," Meredith says.

And he says in a best-case scenario they would be finished by this fall.

Meredith says, "Right now we're even. We're just where we should be as far as the plan goes. The contract called for workday contract. They have so many days to complete the work based on what a normal workday would consist of."

Meredith says right now there's still a lot of work ahead, but they have time to meet their deadline.

"We certainly hope they get it done by the completion date," says Meredith.