Bowling Green Mayor Briefing

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Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker hosted an informal briefing today, Friday, March 23, 2007. The mayor discussed her recent trips to Frankfort and to Washington D.C. where she attended a National League of Cities meeting.

She said in Frankfort there were two major issues that could impact the city of Bowling Green. One is tax increment financing legislation. She said Bowling Green and other communities need to be included in the legislation.

“There was an effort to keep it really at the higher level and that would limit the amount of state incentives that will be provided to cities like Bowling Green, Owensboro and Covington,” Mayor Walker said.

Walker said the other issue important to Bowling Green is the Employee Retirement System. She also said during the next fiscal year city costs are expected to rise by $800,000 due to federally mandated, but unfunded projects. Warren County is seeing a rise right now.

“We are fortunately in a little bit better financial situation right now, but as we look down the road, if things aren’t being done to address these shortfalls, then we are gonna have to start cutting,” Mayor Walker said.

Mayor Walker also said she and other city leaders have been pushing very hard through the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors to demand in the future. No unfunded mandates are passed by the federal government.