Hometown Hero: Arlene Johnson

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It can be a hard decision to put a loved one in a nursing home. This week's Hometown Hero has cared for two grandmothers, a great uncle and her own husband while they were sick and she welcomed each of them into her home in order to keep them as comfortable as possible during such a hard time.

Arlene Johnson has selflessly given for as long as anyone can remember.

"I can't think of a time someone ever asked her for something that she hasn't done something for them," daughter-in-law, Tammy Johnson said.

Arlene has given her heart and soul to everyone she knows.

"Well, she's just special. She'll help you and when I came down with cancer she took me in and nurtured me and went to the hospital with me and she was just there for me," said Mary Proege, Arlene's sister.

Mary said if it wasn't for Arlene, she doesn't know if she would have been able to battle cancer.

Arlene's daughters say the love and dedication she has for people is uplifting.

"She never has gotten what she deserves out of anything that she's done. She's worked hard and I guess she'll work until the day she dies," daughter, Lisa Hunt said.

In the same year, Arlene lost her mother and her husband, but kept on giving.

"When I do anything, it's out of the goodness of my heart so I don't expect anything in return," Arlene said.

She believes everyone can give of themselves.

"If someone needs something and you can give it ever, if you don't have much, they might not have as much as you've got," Arlene said.

"No matter the time of day, when someone calls, she's always there," Tammy said.

While the people she has cared for think Arlene's recognition is a long time coming, it's still hard for her to believe.

"I never thought that I'd ever be thought of as being popular or getting any awards or anything for what I've done because when I do it, it's out of the goodness of my heart, so I don't expect anything in return," Arlene said.

Alrene has been cleaning the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church for almost 40 years. Friends and family say she is just as dedicated to her job as she is her family and friends.