Free Weather Radios to Burkesville

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Governor Ernie Fletcher was in Cumberland County on March 24, 2007, to show support to residents and businesses who could be affected by the breaking of the Wolf Creek Dam.

Fletcher, along with the Department of Homeland Security, distributed emergency alert weather radios. The distribution of the radios is a part of the safety project upgrades to help the people living below Wolf Creek Dam. These upgrades come after Wolf Creek Dam was classified as a high risk for structural failure earlier this year.

"We want to make sure we've done everything we can including putting in reverse 911 which we have installed down here so if something does happen we can give adequate warning to these residents," Fletcher said.

Most Burkesville residents were appreciative about receiving a free emergency alert weather radio.

"It makes you feel good that somebody came down here to show is what they can do to to help us," resident Beverly Wary said.

Alecia Webb-Edgington with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security claims prevention is key in potential disaster situations such as this one.

"The better prepared we are for any situation the better off we are going to be able to respond and recover for that," Alecia Webb- Edgington said.

One mans feels that if the dam breaks the weather radios could be citizens' only hope.

"If something was to happen we would have no warning without it," resident Ernest Meldon said.

Citizens were grateful for the free radios but still have some concerns.

"They should have done this years ago down the road when they built this thing, if they built it once then we wouldn't have to fool with it," resident Bobby Carter said.

The Kentucky Department of Homeland Security is also testing a reverse 911 system in the Wolf Creek Dam area.

"Instead of folks dialing 911 when they need assistance we would hit a number that would go back to those folks and be able to call hundreds of people in seconds to notify them of a natural or man made disaster in the region," Webb-Edgington said.

Saturday was not the last day the free weather radios will be given out for the Wolf Creek Dam area. The following are distribution times for the remaining counties.

Russell County:

  • Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency - Tuesday, March 27th in Jamestown.
  • Clinton County:

  • Clinton Senior Center - Wednesday, March 28th in Albany.
  • Monroe County:

  • Old Monroe County High School Gym - Thursday, March 29th in Tompkinsville.