Edmonson County Trailer Fire Arson?

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A fifth trailer fire on one Edmonson County road in 6 months has local law enforcement and residents wondering if this is the work of an arsonist.

According to Edmonson County Deputy Chief John Ramsey, the Warren County Sheriff's Department received a report of a fire two miles out on William Simmons road around 7:40 p.m. March 25, 2007.

Two trailers sitting next to each other were gutted in the blaze. It took firefighters from the Gott, Richardsville and Wingfield Fire Departments nearly an hour to put out the fire.

Deputy Ramsey said they believe the fire, as well as four previous trailer fires on the same land, is a result of arson.

"The reason we're suspecting arson at this time is because the bank owns this property, South Central Bank. Its been the fifth fire to burn in the past six months. The trailers were unoccupied. None of them had electric hooked up to them," Ramsey said.

The possibility of a serial arsonist in the area has made some residents scared that these fires might eventually turn deadly.

"It would be that where I live at and I've lived at the same area, that its possible that it could happen closer to us or someone that we really know or someone that is home," nearby neighbor Pam Lindsay said.

The Kentucky State Police Arson Investigators will look into the cause of all five fires.