Community Service Woman of the Year

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Watheta Buford is constantly on the go. She's a self-described community activist who dedicates most of her free time to helping others through community service.

But just six years ago, Buford could barely help herself.

"I had breast cancer and had to go through chemotherapy and radiation. It was pretty serious," she recalled.

Buford had to rely on those closest to her to get by.

"I had people that would go with me to the doctor. They would sit with me through my treatments. People that would bring me food, so it was an outpouring of love," Buford remembered.

The near-death experience caused Buford to want to give back to the community that helped her during her darkest hour.

"I think I decided that God left me here for a reason and I think it was to be active in my community," she said.

She currently does community service in many different organizations and has used the experience to teach those around her the gift of helping others.

"Its helped me to appreciate things more. I have a 17-year-old granddaughter and its helped me to show her the community is important," she noted

Buford says shes nothing special. Anyone and everyone can contribute to their community's well-being.

"A lot of times it could just be gathering papers of passing out flyers. For anybody, there is something you can do," Buford said.

Buford will be honored along with other Women of Achievement in categories such as education, entrepreneurship and business.

The awards dinner is Thursday, March 29 at the Carroll Knicely Conference Center on Western Kentucky University's South Campus starting at 6 p.m.