Governor Fletcher Comes to Bowling Green

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Governor Fletcher is optimistic about the tax modernization plan despite early opposition from the house.

He says, "I think there's been some obstruction. No question. Particularly trying to work with the house leadership. But it is a change for everyone and were trying to make some major change so we don't expect to have a smooth road for a while."

Governor Fletcher says right now another company is considering locating in Kentucky, but we have a $16 million disadvantage because of our tax system. He says the tax modernization plan would fix that.

He says, "It would lower the taxes on two-thirds of Kentuckians. Allow us to grow the economy, creating 7000 jobs, and I would hope that particularly the House leadership would lay aside partisan politics, and let's move this forward."

Fletcher says if they can't come to an agreement on the state's budget he will utilize his line-item veto powers. "Definitely, the governor has a line item veto for a reason. I'm here to act in the best interest of the people of the Commonwealth. And if they are spending too much and it's not a responsible budget then yes I'll line item veto," said Fletcher.

And Governor Fletcher says if necessary he will call a special session.

"If we have to call a special session I would hope that we've reached an agreement with House leadership and that they're willing to work with me."