Trash Dumped at Jackson's Orchard

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Wednesday morning, workers at Jackson's Orchard discovered an unwelcome surprise; a truckload of garbage had been dumped on the property.

Bill Jackson is the owner of Jackson's Orchard. He says, "We called the authorities, and we hope we can get this handled someway and end trash dumping because it's very unsightly, and we sure don't want trash dumped on our orchard."

Jackson went through some of the mail in the garbage and found it was all addressed to a WKU fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

Jackson says, "They're gonna probably say that someone else did it. And that particularly I don't care. But someone has dumped a large truckload of trash here."

WBKO did ask the fraternity if they knew how the trash got there.

WBKO: All this mail has Pi Kappa Alpha on it, and we found your hazing rules. Do you know how it got there?

Pi Kappa Alpha: No.

WBKO: Is there anyone who might have played a prank against you?

Pi Kappa Alpha: There’s a lot of fraternities on this campus.

Jackson says the University has been contacted, and he hopes whoever is responsible will correct the problem.

Jackson says, "I hope the fraternity involved will come out and clean this mess up and hope we can talk to them and help them understand that we don't want to be the city dump."

Due to this incident, Jackson says now they might have to lock up the orchard.

Jackson says, "We have talked about and thought about for a long time putting up a gate so that the orchard would be locked up at night. And this may force us to do that. I hate to do that. But, again, we don't want to be the city dump."