LaJuana Wilcher: Secretary of Environmental Protection Cabinet

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"Environmental issues are ones that always have an important place in my heart."

LaJuana Wilcher was an attorney in Bowling Green when Governor Fletcher reduced three cabinets into one and named her Secretary of the Environmental Protection Cabinet. Now she works on everything from environment issues, to insurance issues, to housing and building.

She says water in Kentucky is at the top of environmentalists’ lists of what to clean up.

"These are some of priority issues. Anytime you have an urban area, you're gonna have lots of people and lots of waste. So you're gonna have to come up with ways to control that if we're gonna have anything like the beautiful streams and rivers that we all enjoy."

But Wilcher says that their cabinet is having some difficulty in the legislation's failure to approve a budget.

"I would say that today's most pressing problem is whether we're gonna have a budget when the legislation comes back. Because if we don't have a budget, there's always going to be some uncertainty."

Wilcher also says her cabinet is working to bring economic growth that's environmentally safe to Kentucky.