Dropped Dogs Cause Concern

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Stray dogs are nothing new but are some dogs being dumped off by owners who don’t want them any more? That’s what one local woman is claiming.

WBKO’s Ryan Dearbone talked to a dog owner who said this type of animal cruelty has to stop.

Duke has a loving home now, but his owner Jerri Wilhoite said that this dog was left by somebody in the fields near McGinnis Quarry Road.

Her husband works for nearby Irving Materials Incorporated and found Duke one night, two months ago on his way home from work.

“My husband picked him up on a very cold evening and raining and brought him home to me,” Wilhoite said.

She said Duke is not the first dog that she believes has been abandoned in the land between IMI and the rock quarry. She said in the last four years, at least nineteen or twenty dogs have been found wandering the area. Most of the times the dogs are in poor condition when they are found.

“Very hungry … very skinny. They look like they’ve been deliberately dropped off here,” Wilhoite said.

The dog owner said she can understand someone not wanting a dog but there are more humane ways to give a dog up, but to drop them off to go hungry in this quarry where there’s nothing to hunt or to eat.

WBKO spoke to people at IMI and one employee told us that he has also seen dogs that appear to have been dropped off from time to time.

Wilhoite said she just wants people to stop using the property as a place to get rid of unwanted dogs like Duke and find a good home for them instead.

WBKO also spoke to Sheriff’s Deputy Lydell Hopkins about the alleged dog dumping. He said the department was unaware of the situation.