Morgantown Elementary Throws a Jump-Rope for Heart

Morgantown Elementary is celebrating with good cause. They’ve raised nearly $13,000 for the American Heart Association by jumping rope.

The program is called Jump-Rope for Heart and this was the week to do it because it’s Public Health Week in Kentucky and heart disease is the number one cause of death in our state.

Students at Morgantown Elementary went into the community to raise money. Their original goal was $7,500.

“A goal like this, $7,500 was more than we thought that we could ever obtain and then to be able to get $13,000 just said how strong a community bond we have here,” Morgantown Elementary P.E. teacher, Kim Grubb said.

Grubb even encouraged the students by taking a pie in the face from those who earned the most money. The money raised will be used for heart disease research.