Barren County's New Most Wanted Website

Fugitives-on-the-run don't seem to stand a chance in Barren County.

The Barren County Sheriff's Department created a most wanted website and tip line, and according to the department 19 fugitives have been caught since the list began.

Barren County seems to have elected the perfect sheriff. Sheriff Chris Eaton said he can't sleep at night because he's trying to figure out ways to make Barren County safer.

"After a few weeks in office, I was thinking about new ideas, new plans. I wanted the public to always be informed of what is going on, and I thought this was a good idea," Eaton said.

Usually you hear the top 10 most wanted, Eaton wanted something different for Barren County. On the sheriff department's website there are 12 most wanted.

"Charges range anywhere from probation violation to where they do reports, and from probation officers to drugs and child support."

Once one criminal is caught another is listed. In the three weeks this website has existed, 19 fugitives have been caught, and only one out of the original 12 is still on the list. It all started with Eaton's idea to create an anonymous tip line.

"There's no caller ID, 24 hours a day they can call in, a voice message will pick up, they can leave a message and leave their name if they do wish."

The tip line has lead to catching even more criminals in Barren County.

"We've solved some burglaries and we even caught a lot of our most wanted through that line."

Many of these fugitives have even been found throughout the country.

"Even one of the deputies located one that was in South Carolina and actually spoke with him on the telephone. He was kindly embarrassed that his picture was in the paper and he got a bus ticket and came back to Barren County."

Eaton feels if Barren County criminals are getting caught across state lines there's no reason other counties in South Central Kentucky can't do the same.

"We've received response all over the county from everyone. They are excited they like to know what's going on," Eaton said.

Although there's no perfect county with zero crime, Barren County is on it's way.

Eaton also said he hopes to expand the most wanted website to a database including a missing persons list.

To give an anonymous tip about a fugitive call (270) 646-8771, and to visit Barren county's most wanted website click here.