High-Speed Chase Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder

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Eighteen-year-old Tyson Miller is the man police say showed an extreme indifference to human life.

Kentucky State Police were conducting a routine Traffic Safety Checkpoint here at the intersection of US 31W and Kentucky 240.

KSP Trooper Nick Stephens says, "When the vehicle, they of course stopped the vehicle to check it and see what was in it. They found contraband, which was marijuana, and they smelled marijuana being smoked in the vehicle."

Police say that's when Miller and his passenger 18-year-old Dominic Patterson stepped out of the vehicle for a sobriety checkpoint. Miller lunged back into the car.

Stephens says, "When the two troopers tried to physically keep them from getting in the vehicle they couldn't get them out so they were hanging on the sides of the vehicle."

Miller dragged Troopers Matt Davis and John Williams up US 31W. Davis' foot was run over and Williams was injured as well.

Stephens says, "The notary public could be in danger, our officers and the people involved in the pursuit itself. So we take every precaution to make sure everyone is safe."

The pursuit lasted about eight miles with speeds of roughly 100 miles per hour. This is where officers laid down spike strips. They're designed to blow out a suspect's tires, and they did just that.

At that point Miller took off running. He was caught, and is now lodged in Warren County Regional Jail.

Stephens says, "You could put yourself in danger of getting hurt, someone else could get hurt. You could be compounding charges against. You could be putting the police in jeopardy. So the best thing to do if you're stopped by police is to do what the police ask you."