Three Edmonton Teens Overdose on Drugs, Alleged Dealer Arrested

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Three Edmonton teens overdosed on prescription drugs Sunday afternoon, and the man accused of selling the pills is behind bars.

Three teenage boys between the ages of 13-16 were found unconscious or semi-conscious by EMS workers at one of the boys' home around 1:30 Sunday afternoon. Police investigating the case found Wellbutrin and another unidentified drug, and believe each of the boys may have taken up to five or six of each of the two drugs.

Witnesses led police to arrest and charge John D. Smith, 21, of Edmonton with selling a controlled substance to a minor. Paul and Jason Smith, John's brothers, were charged with disorderly conduct after police say they became unruly during the arrest at Smith's apartment.

One of the boys remained in intensive care Monday night, but all three are expected to make a full recovery.

John Smith remained behind bars in the Barren County Jail, on $10,000 bond.