Midday Live News Report Headlines - March 30, 2007

Non-Profits Make Their Plea for Money

Six non-profit agencies in Warren County presented their pleas for funding this morning to the fiscal court.

The agencies receive funding from Warren County, but due to budget shortfalls some groups won't be receiving the checks they each said are desperately needed. This is the second wave of groups to present their cases.

Last week, Soil and Water Conservation Cooperative Extension, Capitol Arts, Primary Care and the Human Rights Commission all gave presentations about what they do for the community.

This week voices from the Bowling Green / Warren County Humane Society, the Bowling Green Public Library, Kids on the Block, Community Action of Southern Kentucky, Downtown Redevelopment Authority and the Warren County Welfare Center expressed what a funding cut would mean for them.

Warren County is facing a $3 million shortfall due to state and federally mandated but unfunded projects. The county's budget and revenue committee first proposed an insurance premium tax, but that was shot down due to public outcry.

British Detainees in Iran

British officials are considering a note from Iran this morning. It's the first written communication in the week since Iran seized 15 British sailors and marines.

The letter reportedly asks for a guarantee that British forces stay out of Iranian waters. It comes after Iran went back on a promise to release the only woman being held.

Just days before her capture, Faye Turney told reporters, how much she loved her job.

"I've always wanted to join the forces ever since i was like 10 watching TV," Turney said.

The latest video released by the Iranian government, shows a changed woman. Turney and 14 of her shipmates were captured at sea a week ago. Iran said they were trespassing inside Iranian waters. The British government released GPS data showing the crew two miles inside Iraqi waters.

Iran wants Britain to admit wrongdoing. Prime Minister Tony Blair said they've done nothing wrong. We need to make it very clear to the Iranian government that this cannot be resolved by anything other than the unconditional release of all our people.

The United Nations Security Council released a statement, expressing grave concern over the situation. There had been talk of releasing Turney, the only woman in the group, but Iran now said that's off the table. In addition to the video, they've released two letters that Turney supposedly wrote. In them, she calls for the withdrawal of British forces from Iraq, and asks to go home.

Britain has halted all diplomatic relations with Tehran, and wants the European Union to do the same. Today, British representatives are meeting with EU ministers, and will push for all 27 member countries to isolate Iran.

Another Cause in the Toxic Pet Food

The Food and Drug Administration has added to the mystery over toxic pet food this afternoon. The FDA said today it has found another possible culprit in the poisonings of dogs and cats from the tainted products.

In the urine and kidneys of some of the dead cats, federal investigators discovered melamine, a toxic fertilizer used in China. The chemical, which is also used to make plastics, was discovered in the tainted pet food as well.

The FDA has received more than $7,000 complaints including calls from owners claiming their pets got sick from dry pet food, even though the FDA said it has no plans to expand its recall beyond the wet variety.

Marriage for the World's Tallest Man

The world's tallest man married in China on March 26, 2007, to a woman two-thirds his height. In fact, the bride is more than two feet shorter than her groom.

The groom is a 7-foot 9 inches tall and the bride measures in at 5-foot 6. The 28-year-old bride is also half her new husband's age.