Pit Bulls and Street Fighting: A Real Problem

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Pit bulls are showing up more and more in humane societies throughout the U.S. Experts say they’re one of the most popular dog breeds right now, but this type of dog is most commonly known for its aggression.

Earlier this week we told you about a pit bull reportedly killing someone’s dog. Local humane society director, Lorri Hare said the growing popularity of pit bulls and how they’re treated is influenced by pop culture.

Champ isn’t just a pet, she’s a status symbol.

“They look tough you know, my dogs tougher than yours,” Hare said.

Experts say images of aggressive pit bulls and fighting dogs can be found everywhere in pop culture including hip hop.

“If they look up to a hip hop band and if that band and we know of several bands who breed pit bulls and they’re very influenced by, well if I get that line of pit bull it makes my dog more important,” Hare said.

“The younger generation, the younger groups, they are influenced with pit bulls. Everyone wants the biggest, the prettiest,” Dalen Hargrove said, but that isn’t the reason Hargrove has a pit bull.

Hargrove said his is one of the sweetest dogs he’s ever had and mean dogs are a result of chaining them up and not exposing them to other animals.

“Owners tend to push the aggression more with the breed of pit bulls,” Hargrove said. That’s because many people use them as fighting dogs.

“When people are looking to fight their dogs, a lot of times it’s a challenge between two people and the dogs do the fighting for them,” Hare said.

Hare also said the dogs are the ones that end up suffering for their owner’s pride.

“The people are encouraging the dogs to keep fighting and they say how much they love their dogs but how can they love you dog if you them through that much pain,” Hare said.

With a name like Champ, this pit bull can’t help but be a status symbol, but Hare said she’s not going to let that happen. Hare said pit bulls are over-bred in South Central Kentucky.

She also said dog fighting is a growing problem in the area. The humane society has a very strict policy on who gets to adopt pit bulls.

Humane Society’s Policy On Adopting a Pit Bull
1. Potential owner must have a fenced in yard.
2. Potential owner must have a vet reference.
3. Potential owner must allow the Humane Society to do a home visit and inspect living conditions.

For more information log onto www.pitbulllovers.com or to read more on the violent new trend in pit bull street fighting click here.