VINE System Addition

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On Monday, April 2nd Governor Ernie Fletcher is holding a press conference in Louisville to announce an addition to our state's automated domestic violence notification system.

Kentucky was the first state in the nation to provide victims with the VINE system.

"It was developed after the 1993 murder of Mary Byron, a 21-year-old whose abuser, who was her estranged boyfriend, was released from jail and she had no way of knowing that. He waited for her after work one evening and shot and killed her", says BRASS Executive Director, Lee Alcott.

In the past, the VINE system, which stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday, has simply been used to notify victims when their offender is being released from jail, or is moved to a different jail.

Now it will help protect victims of domestic violence as soon as they file for a protective order against their offender.

"Once that order is filed, the victim can register with VINE so the when that order is served, he or she will be automatically notified", says Alcott.

This will be helpful since the time between when a victim files for a protective order and when it is served is a dangerous time for these victims.

"We have seen in recent years several domestic violence related homicides after a protective order has been filed, so that's a very critical time", says Alcott.

The VINE system allows each person to register two telephone numbers, and requires the victims to leave a four digit personal identification number.

For more information on the VINE system, you can call 1-800-511-1670.

As for protective orders, you can get those 24 hours a day, every day of the year from your county clerks office or through law enforcement.