Budget Crisis Cutting Funds for New Glasgow Elementary

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The state's budget crisis may partially cripple the plans for a new Glasgow elementary school. The new school is scheduled to break ground in May and open in the fall of 2005, to serve 600 students and replace 50-year-old E.B. Terry Elementary school.

The plans for the new school, however, may be unexpectedly downsized if the General Assembly doesn't pass a budget by July 1. Without a budget, the school system does not have the power to issue new bonds, which would leave the school board $500,000 short of the $9 million price tag for the new school. Dr. Fred Carter, Glasgow Superintendent, says officials plan to cut out a full-size gymnasium from the plans and turn the cafeteria into a multi-purpose room instead.

Dr. Carter says the school must make the final decision before the end of May, and isn't pleased with the General Assembly.

"I thought our legislature was acting like a group of 4th graders when they got upset about something they get up and leave the room, and then I realized later I was probably slamming a deserving group of 4th graders who actually don't act that infantile," Carter said.