Myspace Helps Catch Criminals

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Four teenagers in Eastern Kentucky are in jail after video of criminal activity appears on Myspace.

This is the second time in recent weeks teen sin the Eastern portion of the state have been arrested for the crime after appearing online.

The Sheriff said the case is unrelated to the two teens arrested after posted alleged crimes on YouTube, but it’s almost the same story.

Angela Sparkman from our sister station in Hazard, Ky., has more in South Williamson.

Officers say no one has lived in this old home in South Williamson for years, but there's still plenty inside. Deputies say someone broke down the door and stole several items, but the investigation didn't take long after a deputy got a tip to check out a page on

For the second time in two weeks, they saw a video on the internet of the crime they're investigating.

“Absolutely, I’m surprised. I don’t know how to explain it,” said Sheriff Charles Keesee in Pike County.

Deputies arrested four people in the video, Nick Newsome, Ashley Butcher, Kayla Rose and Jessica May.

“Evidently, they thought to them it was fun and games, but this is a serious matter that we take seriously,” Sheriff Keesee said.

The four are charged with burglary and criminal mischief. Officers recovered most of the stolen items.

“These kids, just don’t know what gets in them. What would possess them with the idea of going into places like this, creating vandalism, burglary, then wanting to put it on the Internet. I just don’t understand that,” Sheriff Keesee said.

Still, investigators say it leaves a trail for them to follow.

Deputies say they hope all of the vandalism arrests that have occurred these past two weeks will stop all the vandalism in the area and send a message to other teens to not try it or they too will go to jail.