Legislator Apologizes for Budget Crisis

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Rep. Steve Nunn apologized to his constituents for the current budget crisis during part of his comments at a legislative review session on Monday.

"Let me close by apologizing to you as a state representative, and as a member of the General Assembly for our failure to pass a budget. Because I'm embarrassed by it, and I'm frustrated and very concerned about where we're going in Kentucky," Nunn said.

A 14-year veteran of the General Assembly and son of the late Gov. Louie B. Nunn, Rep. Nunn called for new leadership in the House and Senate to end what he called "the most rancorous and acrimonious session" in recent memory.

Nunn's comments came before a crowd of business and civic leaders and fellow legislators at the Barren River Area Development District Conference Center.

Other local legislators also admitted disappointment at failing to reach a budget compromise, but highlighted other legislation that did pass both chambers.

House Speaker Jody Richards (D)-Bowling Green is calling for a special session to reach a budget compromise, a plan local Republicans say they would support as long as the negotiations take place before a special session (that would cost taxpayers $50,000 a day) is convened.

Lawmakers have until July 1 to pass a budget, or Governor Fletcher would be forced to enact a limited spending plan.