Hometown Hero: Shane Ford

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After a near death accident as a child, this week’s Hometown Hero has blown the minds of many with all that he has accomplished and the limitation he has done it all under.

At the age of eighteen, Shane Ford nearly lost his life in a truck accident. The crash left him quadrapaligic.

“Typical boy who loved tractor pulls and four wheelin,” Shane’s mother, Glenda Ford said, as she talked of his personality.

Where most people would have lost hope, Shane saw his situation as a new way of life.

“Because of some of the things that he’s had put before him health-wise, still yet he tries to help instead of just coming home and sitting still, saying ‘well I can’t do anything,’ his attitude is ‘I can help, I can do something,’” Glenda said.

Shane has done more than just “something,” he has a Bachelors in Marketing with a Minor in Agribusiness from WKU and is now working on his Masters in Business Administration from Morehead State University.

“He loves to see an obstacle as an opportunity for growth,” Glenda said.

Shane also serves on the Independent Living Council and has been named a Kentucky Colonel.

“He’s come far beyond anybody’s expectations of what he or anybody else could do with his limitations. He’s gone farther then most people would have dreamt of doing,” friend, Randy Payne said.

Randy also said he looks to Shane for inspiration.

“The great thing is he always kept a positive attitude and had faith that he could do it,” Randy said.

Shane said he has tried to make the best of his situation and help others a long the way.

“My struggles, I don’t really see them as struggles, as things, as they are a part of me,” Shane said.

“I’m really proud of him. I always was, but of course I’m really proud of him, he’s come a long way,” friend, Daniel Delph said.

Shane has lots of plans for his future. He hopes to get a job once he is done with his masters with a good company in executive management.

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