Broderick Reacts to Alleged Goodrum Confession

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David Broderick, attorney for Lucas Goodrum, maintains his client's innocence in spite of another inmate's allegations that Goodrum confessed while in jail to the rape and murder of Katie Autry.

WBKO first reported Monday that another inmate came forward to investigators in March, alleging that Goodrum confessed to the crime while in the medical ward of the Warren County Regional Jail in late Dec. 2003 or early Jan. 2004.

A source close to the case says the inmate's own case had already been resolved in the court system before he was persuaded to come forward with the information, but Broderick says he doubts the inmate's credibility.

"I have to question their motive. They were out on jail on January 5, they didn't make the statement until March 30, and I didn't get the statement until April 16. Why would someone wait three months with that type of evidence if they were a credible witness? That's my reaction to it and look forward to having that person on the stand," Broderick said.

Goodrum and co-defendant Stephen Soules are charged with raping WKU freshman Katie Autry and then setting her on fire in her Hugh Poland Hall dorm room on May 3, 2003. Soules pleaded guilty in March and was granted life in prison without parole instead of the death penalty, in exchange for his testimony at Goodrum's trial in August.