Edmonson County Meal Club

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An Edmonson County Meal Club is working to bring families together.

Studies show that young people who come together and share a meal and conversation around the table with their families are less likely to be involved with negative behavior such as drugs and alcohol.

The Edmonson County Cooperative Extensions Service had that goal in mind when it formed the Family Meal Club.

The Family Meal Club in Edmonson County was formed in January as a way of bringing families together to cook meals and eventually eat them together.

The idea came from Edmonson County Extension agent, Christy Ramey, to promote family meal time for a variety of reasons.

"Not only do you teach manners, conversation skills and communication, but you also form bonds around the kitchen table or dining room table," Ramey said.

The Family Meal Club meets once a month in the Family and Consumer Sciences kitchen at Edmonson County High School.

Because of limited space, the club can only accommodate four families at a time. Each family prepares one recipe to share with the others.

Ramey said she plans to continue the Family Meal Club throughout the summer months and make recipes by taking advantage of some of the fresh garden produce during the growing season.