Lt. Robert Henderson Remembered

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A Warren County soldier that died while serving the United States in Iraq is being remembered. First Lt. Robert Henderson the Second had served almost half of his 33 years in the United States military. He got his start at the National Guard Armory here in Bowling Green at the age of 17.

Maj. Ruth Graves, "He always had a smile on his face. Anytime you saw Rob, he had a smile on his face."

The soldiers that served with Henderson have nothing but fond memories of him and his love for the military.

Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Richard Bogle says, "And I'm sure that the soldiers that were under him in Iraq were well taken care of. And I'm sure that he had the mission and their welfare first in his mind in all his thoughts."

And that was true up until his death. After Henderson's convoy was attacked and he was wounded, he continued to lead the soldiers under him, rather than expose them to danger.

Staff Sgt. Douglas E. Pollard says he was, "A great guy. Took care of his guys and like the day he died, he did that to his death. And we were personal friends and the loss in our community. We lost a good person."

Sgt. Frank Epley, "When he enlisted into the guard he talked a bunch of friends in with him. And he was the first person I had ever seen awarded a recruiting ribbon. And they were all his friends. He actually did quite a bit more than that."

Graves, "He will be sorely missed. He was very respected by all of his soldiers-respected by his peers. He was highly respected by all that he worked with. He was a very likable person."

They say his death is a harsh reality.

Bogle: "In the military it's an occupational risk. We all wear the title US Army. But when it happens to someone you know it puts a totally different spin on it. And our hearts and prayers go with his family."

Epley, "It's just real shocking. The war hit real close to home."