Mini Corvette Challenge Pride Award for Students

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A surprise pep rally on a Friday afternoon is a treat for students at Rockfield Elementary.

Katie Willey is a student there. She says, "It was cool!"

Kelly Ward from Greenview Regional Hospital and Amy Schneider from Leachman Buick started it off.

Ward says, "How's everybody doing today?"

The kids yell, "Good!"

And they got the kids ready for a guest appearance by yours truly!

Ward says, "Everyone start chanting Ashley.”

The kids yell, " Ashley Ashley!”

After I introduced myself, I told the kids why we were there.

Ashley Davidson: "We are gonna have a contest whichever school has the most students come and sign in wins the pride award."

The Pride Award is a new contest in the Mini Corvette Challenge the winner gets a pizza party and…

Ashley Davidson: "$500."

Kids: "Yay!"

The reaction about racing was mixed.

Ashley Davidson: "Do you like racecars?

Brennan Monroe: Nod.

Ashley Davidson: "What do you like about them?"

Brennan Monroe: "They go really fast."

Lauren Wheeler: "Well, I haven't seen one before but, I'm pretty excited if I would."

Katie Willey: "I don't like them because of the loud engines."

But she is excited about another attraction at the Mini Corvette Challenge.

Katie Willey: "Inflatables!"

And the rest of the students know who they want to win the pride award.

Kids: "Rockfield, Rockfield, Rockfield!"

This is the first year for the pride awards at the Mini Corvette Challenge. In addition to the pride award the school's that are partnered with the winning gold cup team will get a pizza party. And the school's that are partnered with the silver and bronze team will each get an ice cream party.

The Mini Corvette Challenge starts at 9:30 Saturday morning and the last race should be over around 2:30 in the afternoon. The event is free to the public. This year the race is in the Greenwood Mall Sears parking lot. And the race will go on rain or shine!