Emotional Testimony in Mosher Trial

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Opening statements for the Mickey Mosher trial began on April 10, 2007, in Logan County. Among the witnesses who testifited was Mosher's co-worker who witnessed the wreck, Susan Harrick.

"When I realized I don't know if she realized that she was getting real close to going over the yellow line, I got on the CB and yelled 'Mickey' and no more than I yelled Mickey is when it all happened," Harrick said.

Harrick works for Mosher's company, Crashbusters Pilot Car Incorportated, an independent escort service that provides services to trucking companies.

According to Harrick, they had just finished delivering a load to Tennessee and were traveling back through Kentucky to go home to Indiana.

"We weren't very far in Kentucky when the accident happened," Harrick said.

Harrick also said that she did see the bikes coming around the curve. Around the same time Mosher had just gotten on the radio to tell her they only had 400 miles to go, when she noticed Mosher's driver's side tire crossing the yellow line.

"When I yelled 'Mickey,' the bikes and the trucks collided," Harrick said.

Harrick said Mosher's truck hit the first two bikes.

"The third bike came up and slammed into the second bike. I watched them fly. I watched bikes shatter," Harrick said.

Harrick said that once she realized Mosher was okay she ran over to the scene and saw a devastating sight.

"There was a burning bike and a gentleman laying face down that I came up to. I was going to go down to help, but someone was yelling don't touch them, don't touch them," Harrick said.

Mosher's co-worker also testified that she learned at the hospital marijuana was in Mosher's system and that she didn't know that Mosher smoked marijuana.

Court resumes on April 11, 2007, at 9 a.m.

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