Caterpillar Infestation Worries Homeowners

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An unusually large caterpillar crop this year is causing headaches for South Central Kentuckians.

Warren Co. Ag Extension agent Carol LaFaver says for some reason, the caterpillar's natural predators didn't eat as many of the crawlers last year, which has resulted in a bumper crop of caterpillars this year.

LaFaver says the easiest way to remove the pests is to wrap their nests around a stick and pull it off the tree, or spray natural insecticides like BT inside the egg nest.

The majority of local caterpillars are Eastern Tent caterpillars, which will mature into moths in three to four weeks.

LaFaver says to avoid an infestation next year, begin looking at your trees early in the spring and knock of any nests before the larvae can hatch.